Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i love stamps. i love drawing little images for them, i love carving them, and i especially love pressing them down on the paper (or fabric) and seeing the result.

i'm an instant gratification girl and this is instant gratification in the best way. in less then an hour you can go from a doodle on your napkin to a fun stamp you can use for almost anything.

this weekend i was a hermit in the workshop messing around with new stamps i had made friday night.
yes, i stayed home friday night and made stamps.
moving on...

here's what i made this weekend - love to the hanky!

[above] the heartfelt hanky is red eco-friendly ink hand-stamped on crisp white cotton. it is available in my etsy shop now.

and you can wrap it all up with a gift wrap and card pack that i make with a smaller heart stamp.

♥ m.

Monday, January 21, 2008

valentine treats.

i've just completed a few batches of valentine inspired goodies. some not-so-conventional items that are a little less sappy and a lot more fun.

if you're planning to buy a treat for your valentine - forget the hallmark trademarks - go for something unique and unexpected that's sure to make them feel special.

available in the shop today.

Zombie's need love too. Gray cotton duck pillow with black Zombie applique and red velvet anatomical heart.

Thief of hearts. Gray cotton duck pillow with black Raven applique and red velvet anatomical heart.

In search of love. Gray cotton duck pillow with black Zombie applique and red velvet hearts.

you'll find these pillows, plus more
freshly sewn goodies in
cipolla's shop.

♥ m.

Monday, January 14, 2008

zombie army.

couldn't resist a pic while working on a new batch of zombie goodies this weekend.

soon you'll see where they end up -
for now, back to work...

♥ m.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

wool and windows.

seems i jinxed things with my last icy post. everything has melted in toronto and i was quite comfortable in an unzipped hoody on my walk to the post office this afternoon. but enjoying this warmth makes me feel so dirty...

i ♥ wool.

if you're a sewn fresh daily newsletter reader - you know i have a weakness for wool and other gorgeous natural fibres in traditional tweeds, herringbone and houndstooth...

sewing up scarves is really just an excuse to spend time fawning over these fabrics. though i'm in wool shop withdrawel lately - since the workshop shelves are still full from stocking up before xmas i haven't needed to explore the stores.

so i'm pushing through the last of the fabrics, if only to have an excuse to go buy more ;)

new in the shop today - classic black and white houndstooth scarves in either crow or spider applique:

drop by the shop to take a closer look at these and other cipolla appliqued scarves.

♥ m.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


it's now definitely winter here in toronto. january has brought the familiar cold that i was happy we missed out on in december. not that i can complain. after all, i get to stay cozy inside and appreciate the beauty of icy workshop windows. not having to schlep to and from work diffuses a big chunk of my hatred of winter. kudos to all you who make the trek to your workplace each day.

january also means playing with the goodies i got in december. and since i'm a december baby i get double the presents this time of year, so there's plenty of fun stuff to amuse me during the new year's months when i avoid leaving the house. here are some of my favourite december acquisitions...

bret and jemaine are my sewing buddies.

my brother introduced me to them and now i'm totally hooked. i've already been through the season once again since getting this under the tree. i love this show so much vic has developed a jealous twitch whenever i mention jemaine. i should make a foc inspired applique... hmm.

my new cipolla coffee cup.

i can never resist buying stuff for myself at a show. i bought this adorable cup from fellow vendor little flower designs at bust magazine's craftacular. check out her site here.

geekery indeed.

this wiimote pillow was actually a gift to vic from me. i bought it from fellow etsian zelas, and it has a permanant place of honour on our couch.

best mom ever.

wishlists do work. this painting was in my etsy favourites, though it sold shortly after i added it. turns out my mom was paying attention. she had it wrapped and ready for me to open at my birthday lunch. how fun to be surprised by something i had looked at for so long on the computer screen. the painting is by laurali, and is perfect wall candy for the workshop admist the predictable scratchy newsprint sketches and notes to self.

skin sos.

i bought several of these lotion bars as gifts for family, and of course kept one for myself. they're the perfect remedy for my painfully dry hands this time of year. you can find these (and many delicious soaps) at 4th ave soap co's etsy shop.

too pretty to eat.

vic is dangerous in a candy store. this is just one of the goofy goodies she bought me this xmas. it really is too pretty to eat, though i hate keeping chtotkes so i'll dig into it soon. perhaps on a late night sewing binge - it's bound to inject a little life into me [insert bad joke womp-womp sound here].

you must watch this.

i watched this entire 4+ hour series yesterday while doing computer work (in theory anyway). i barely got anything done and instead found myself totally amazed by the camera's detail. i am a major nature geek and i love spiders, so this series was a fatal combination for me. but i think anyone will be enthralled. bbc's life in the undergrowth.

sewing porn.

the newest addition to my unintentional collection of sewing books, quilt national 2007. though all this inspiration can become a little overwhelming when trying to fit some new design sewing time into cipolla's schedule.

though it doesn't photo so well,
this quilt by Anne McKenzie Nickolson is just wicked.

cozy feet.

netamir rightly calls these slippers walking in a blanket. she handmakes them to order in your own size and colour choice for $39 and just a couple weeks wait. i put them on as soon as i got them and if it weren't for the snow i would have even considered keeping them on when i left the house.

guilty pleasure.

i have a lot of embrassing secret loves and guilty pleasures...
from madonna's horribly eighties disco ball album to doritos.
but it all pales in comparison to my addiction to king of queens.
kevin james causes irrational fits of laughter that can make me sew crooked lines.

hope your january is filled with fab goodies.
♥ m.