Monday, April 28, 2008

packing up.

we're moving house!
and that means cipolla is moving too (to a bigger and sunnier workshop, hooray). so i'm cleaning, purging, and packing us all up... fun! (and i'm not being sarcastic, i really do love the purging and packing part).

for any interested cipollini - this means that all online purchases made this week will not ship out until monday (may 5th), when i've had time to settle in and find everything!

thank-you for your patience.
♥ m.

Monday, April 21, 2008

we're back!

my hands are back from vacation and my machine is back from the shop (apparently i over work it...).

ahh yes, that familiar mess surrounds me... doodles and to-do lists taking over the worktable, pins and fabric scraps under my feet, bits of thread on my pjs... the workshop is busy again!

as for our vacation this past week... whether i'm in algonquin park or at the beach, i always seem to spend half of my vacation taking photos of the local creatures. on this trip i was particularily obsessed with the birds.

this sleepy seagull was especially adorable.

why not, amuse yourself with a few more of my faves while i get back to work...

♥ m.