Sunday, August 31, 2008

the first bunch.

i'm pretty sure that there's nothing better then crunching into a carrot freshly picked from your own garden. once washed, they didn't last twenty minutes on the kitchen table.

now i'm staring with lust at the onions... willing them to grow wide enough to justify finally picking one. they must be the slowest growing veggies. seriously, i think they like it - smirking to themselves when i walk by.

okay... enough embarassing garden babble... back to the machine ;)

happy labour day!
♥ m.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


i am beyond smitten. past obsessed. i'd call it a complete consumption. i've never been happier to be sewing until 2am. for the first three days i went to bed still smiling and hearing the hum. i woke-up dreaming we were streaming through long lines of thick stitches through layers of stiff canvas...
[insert heavenly choral sound here]
so it's been over one week since i brought home my baby. my frustration level has never been this low. i'm kicking and cursing only occasionally. it's true! needless to say, the workshop is both a happier and more productive place. i can't wait to dig into my pile of winter scarves. i'm hoping this year will be much less stress crazy. but then, that wouldn't really be cipolla... ah well.

fresh off the new machine, a batch of pencil/gadget cases just in time for back-to-schoolers. listed in the shop today.

happy weekend.
♥ m.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

cipolla's got a new look!

after months of countless doodles and doubts, i'm finally happy with a new look for cipolla.

we've got a new logo, new packaging and tags, a new shop addy []... and of course, new items!

... now if only i could find the time to get our website up and running.
- but for now, we of course love and adore our fabulous Etsy shop ;)

let me know what you think of our new onion!