Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i ♥ emma.

a couple of weeks ago i stumbled upon fellow etsy shop emmaklingbeil and fell in love with many of her paintings.
never being one to resist an impulse buy, i bought my favourite one heart strings (above) right away and impatiently waited for it to arrive.

and the wait was worth it. opening the package was like opening one of those great xmas gifts that you knew was under the tree - unwrapping slowly, savoring each new peek of it before you tear another strip off.

her paintings are moody and lovable. they're creepy and cute, gloomy and fantastical (hmm... this is sounding exactly like how vic describes me...) - they make me grin and imagine things. and many of them, like this one, have a fabulous little frame and shadow painted around the edge that i just adore.

this has got to be my favourite etsy purchase to date!
i am so happy with it, i can't say enough about it. i already have my eye on another one. and at under $60 for an original piece, what more can i say?

so go on and check out her shop!

♥ m.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


yes it's true, i'm finally getting to work on a new batch of bags for the shop. this weekend i finished a few with my tree applique. this one is my favourite of the bunch - i love the blue/grey and caramel colour combo, and the soft corduroy combined with the sharp embroidery. yum.

keep watch this week - as i finish more bags, i'll be listing them in the shop. i'm determined to get to some swallows, and sea creatures...

♥ m.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

balcony inspiration.

i've been having trouble these last few months finding time to sit down and draw up some new appliques. batches of zombies, crows, and trees are keeping my fingers busy.

one thing i've been meaning to do for a while is a little homage to the squirrels who hound our back balcony, feasting on the scraps vic's always putting out for them and keeping me company while i take my coffee breaks in the kitchen. they're so cute they almost make me forget how they tore up my garden each morning this past summer.

a few mornings ago i snagged a pic of this little guy.

he definitely made my morning - looking so content with his food find, depite the cold and horribly windy day it was. i took a few minutes to plan a new squirrely inspired item. i had a few yards of a fabulous cashmere blend on the workshop shelves, leftover from my batch of december scarves, it was a dark chocolately brown that seemed perfect.

the result was a cute and cozy new scarf, available in my etsy shop.

back to the machine!
♥ m.