Friday, June 5, 2009

two are better then one.

a week of non-stop cutting and sewing has created an explosion of bags unlike any the workshop has seen...

after months of staring at folds of gorgeous canvases on the workshop shelves that i never seem to get to, i decided to dive into the stacks... armed with a simple idea that just made sense... classic and perfectly practical totes with an added feature - make them reversible for double duty.

sometimes i have such trouble picking fabric to line a bag - never sure if i really want to relegate it to a hidden life inside, or save it for a life of glory on the "outside". these totes give the fabric a little of both, and the fun of two options to compliment your mood or outfit ;)

reversible totes available at

happy weekend!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

three days knee-deep in bags.

come see cipolla at the toronto clothing show this weekend.

we've got a booth full of new bags at awesome prices!
great options for a unique mother's day gift too.

this friday, saturday, and sunday (may 1-3rd)
at the better living centre, exhibition grounds.
- more info here -

it's a massive show you're sure to get lost in,
known for fabulous pieces and good deals.

happy weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

a new namesake.

i'm so excited to introduce one of my new 09 bag designs for cipolla, it is my favourite bag right now! the generous round body of this new bag gathers at the opening to create a beautiful bulb-like shape... which is why i've dubbed it the onion.

i've been wearing mine for months now and i adore it. it's super roomy without feeling cumbersome and hugs your shoulder feeling so comfy... like a pillow under your arm ;)

i've been sewing up a storm all new year to prepare a fabulous spread for the shop, including these and more:

back to the machines...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

vote cipolla!

★ i got news today that a cipolla item has been
selected as one of etsy's top fall fashion items ★

our super soft cotton plaid hipster scarf is competing against other lovely handmade goods in an online poll that asks etsians to reccommend one item that our comrads in the southern hemisphere shouldn't live without this fall!

come vote for cipolla's comfy hipster scarf here


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

it can't be march already!

okay, so cipolla has been a little neglectful on the blog front this new year, but we're back! we've waded through a post-holiday mess in the workshop, caught up in custom orders, created a pile of spring designs, and finally now sat-down to tell you about it all.

we had a most fabulous year in 2008 thanks to all our lovely cipolline. a big huge resounding thank-you to you all! we can't wait to show you our new creations in the coming weeks.

right now though, take advantage of mad sales in our shop -
cipolla is moving in a couple months and we hate carrying boxes!

which means that you can find amazing bargains in the shop... many items are marked down 20-70% off the regular price, as well as a free shipping offer for orders over $100.>

quick link to the special sale section of the shop here.

scarves for $18.50, cowls for $21, bags at half price, & more!