Wednesday, November 28, 2007

tag your it...

okay, so a while back i was “tagged” and i really did mean to play along but then never got to it… then i was tagged again a few days ago and this time i promised to do it. so i’ve taken a quick break from cutting scarf pieces.

here are seven random facts about me…

1 – cutting wool drives me crazy.
it’s like nails on a chalkboard… just thinking about it makes me shiver & clench my teeth.

2 – i don’t like to sleep.
i think its a waste of time and i resent that i have to do it.

3 – i am in love with jemaine from flight of the conchords.
and i think it makes my gf a little jealous.

4 – i don't make friends easily.
i often come across as a bitch though i don't mean to (or i guess i do if i'm aware of it... oh well). and i'm terrifyingly moody.

5 – i love to organize but i am horrendously messy.
i also love to make soup (i think it's related).

6 – my brothers are more important to me then anything else.
i smile like a delirious idiot every time I get to see them.
(miss you matt ♥)

7 – if i was rich i’d have a vault like scrooge mcduck and roll
around in the contents all day -- except it would be filled with
fabrics not coins ;)

♦ ♦ ♦

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back to work!
♥ m.

Monday, November 26, 2007

a pinch of salt, and a smidge of cipolla..

catch a glimpse of cipolla's goodies on Smidge, a fabulous canadian site that strives to showcase and network lovely handmade artisans (and their supporters).

okay, so i want to sit and sip coffee and write a huge long entry today about the stress and excitement of the holiday rush... but my stack of to-be-sewns is so tall it keeps falling over. it'll have to wait to january. for now, i'm off to... well you know...

much love. m.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my favourite tree.

lately i've been having a lot of fun bringing my tree drawing to life in fabric and thread. my newest favourite is this yummy dark chocolate brown scarf. i'll definitely be sewing up my own personal batch for a few gifts on my list ;)

this scarf, and others, are available in my etsy shop.

back to work... though not at the machine. today i've promised i'd clean up the workshop... there's fabric covering every surface - i had to move a pile just to find room to work at the laptop this morning!

have a great day.
♥ m.

Monday, November 19, 2007

jealous yet?

now this makes sewing until 3am seem like a pleasure.

i make the best stove top cappuccino.
you should come over and have one sometime ;)

♥ m.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

seriously too cute.

i just finished a batch of hankies using the most adorable print ever. vic and i found it while browsing the len mills shelves at the creativ festival last month. and although it was a little overpriced and perhaps more then a little cheezy, i couldn't resist! the most lovable little squirrels, chipmunks, racoons, rabbits, and birds in a winter holiday theme. i immediately thought it would make painfully cute hankies for xmas stockings and such.

i set a few aside for me, vic, and gifts.
and i'm on my way to list the rest in the shop.

this guy is the best. just try to resist him.

♥ m.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

home at last

my baby has been gone since friday. but after four trips to the repair shop, she’s finally back at home today and there’s one hell of a pile of pinned pieces waiting for her to chew through tonight.

as you can imagine i’ve been nervous and moody (yes, even more then usual!) since dropping my sewing machine off at the service shop. true, it is partly my fault. i haven’t had it serviced since i bought it over a year ago, which is a big no no for someone who uses their machine as often as i do (if you’re an avid sewer, go get yours cleaned every 6 months to a year). so perhaps predictably, on friday morning it finally complained, and while sewing the headings on a batch of cipolla newsletters it started to groan. i went crazy with a can of compressed air, but it was indeed too late. i changed out of my work clothes (some call them pajamas) and jumped onto the tram for a trip down queen street to the service shop.

but i must say that although i was a stressball these past few days while she’s been gone, i actually got a crapload of non-stitching work done in just a few days that i would have otherwise done in bits and pieces over several weeks. i even joked that maybe i should send her away to visit with family once a month to force myself to catch up on some other work.

i know, it sounds crazy, but it did feel a lot like picking up a family member or friend from a hospital stay, i even took the car this time. infact, the toyota’s seat belt alarm beeped the entire ride home – the weight of the machine on the front seat signalled a passenger that should be strapped in. i laughed at that the whole way and thought about writing a little something in the blog when I got back to celebrate her return.

okay enough embarrassing myself for now.
i can once again say, back to the machine ;)

♥ m.