Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the new girl.

i found this most fabulous old dress form on ebay (yes, i was finally lured to the dark side... but i swear it is just a quick flirtation, I won't make it a habit). as soon as i saw it i was convinced it was exactly what the workshop needed. it's looking so mechanical and uninspiring here these days... we needed some character.

the seller just happened to be in toronto too, so within a few days she had arrived... lovely and inspiring in the workshop window. she's made of wood and cast iron, with a papier mache neck and an old hand sewn cover - great details that make me feel a little connected to previous owner(s) who seem to have loved her much. and she really helps to bring out the amazing victorian details in the room... somehow the molding seems brighter, the stained glass glows. ha! i'm such a sap.

(fyi... the fab purse she's wearing now is a newer cipolla hobo design in the amazing new echino fabrics... you'll see them in the shop in the coming week or so).


Monday, May 12, 2008

setting up shop.

im reporting back from the first days of the move. i was so excited about the new space for the cipolla workshop that i couldn't resist a little doodling of what i'd soon be setting up.

here's what it actually looked like that first afternoon...

oh the workshop it will be! i am often catching myself standing in the doorway... staring though to the window at the end of the room... smiling in a sort of day-dreamy way. the plants are loving it too.

i'm gradually un-packing more and more, adding shelves and such, neurotically organizing bits into containers and baskets... hopefully to be done within the next week or so. in the meantime i better put what's there to use, the shop is beginning to look a little empty these days...