Saturday, September 27, 2008

only three more sleeps...

a bonanza of cipolla goodies is on the way!

in just three days i'll be pulling a few lucky names out of the proverbial hat... four sewn fresh daily subscribers will win some fab cipolla loot! [including scarves, bags, hankies... and more!] there will be one grand prize worth over $100 retail, as well as three smaller prizes.

if you aren't already on cipolla's mailing list, what's the delay?!
i'll be drawing names on September 29th at noon... so if you're keen to compete, get your subscribe email sent before then ;)

to join the mailing list and receive cipolla's newsletter
(sent out every few months)
simply email

all will be announced in the fall issue,
good luck to all you lovely cipolline!

♥ m.

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