Monday, October 20, 2008

softest!, coziest!, snuggliest! [that's a word, right?]

i've finally taken photos of my new line of brushed cotton scarves. these were so popular at the puces pop market in montreal earlier this month that i returned home out of stock and had to busy myself in the workshop to get a collection ready for the shop.

they are finally here! photographed, listed, and available in a variety of colours. these really are the softest comfiest material you could want to have snuggled around your neck.

this scarf will become your new favourite item of clothing,
and your best friend on a chilly day waiting for the bus ;)

they are a large square shape - so that they can be folded, draped, twisted and slung in various trendy ways. a great unisex piece, and the perfect combination of style and warmth.

vic and i are already addicted to ours... running to the corner for a coffee is a happy excuse to wear it.

anyhow... back to the machines...

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Jennifer said...

This is next on my list!